Wednesday, 17 January 2018
Disc golf Plays Global Ambassador in Bringing the World Together for 2008 ‘Japan Open’

Trying to characterize modern Japanese culture is a challenge, even for the most astute observers.  Clearly, there is tremendous respect of the ancient traditions and rituals that were often borrowed from Chinese legends and lore.  But, today in Japan, we find that same cultural and national pride generously co-mingling with Western influences.  Politics, economics, fashion, and technology are just a few aspects of Japanese life that have adopted western ways.  Such an approach is not uncommon throughout the recent history of the island nation, as Japanese identity has generously integrated useful aspects of other cultures, not in an effort to usurp its ancient one, but, paradoxically, as a way to preserve and share it.  Conceptually, this is difficult for the western world to understand, and, yet, it has served the island nation well, in its efforts to bring the world to its homeland and thwart its isolationist tendencies evident throughout its history.  


Recently, the Japanese have adopted a well-known American sporting icon as a vehicle for the Japanese to continue their appeal to westerners, yet, at the same time, putting on  The FRISBEE™ is now capturing the attention of a critical mass of players throughout Japan, as evidenced by the growth of ultimate, disc golf, and Dodgebee.  But, as the Japanese have been known to do, they have taken their passion for this imported sporting icon and found a way to share it with the rest of the world.  Indeed, this year’s 2008 Japan Open Disc Golf Tournament is a great case in point, as Hero Disc has set the bar very high in its efforts to improve upon the event’s previous twelve incarnations.  Players from 11 different nations have noted the attention to excellence and will be converging on the island nation to compete, as well as commiserate, with their brethren (and sisters) of the sport.  The objective, as described by this year’s tournament director, John Ahart, is nothing short of an “all encompassing” Japanese experience.  their own spin to make it uniquely Japanese.