Wednesday, 17 January 2018
2nd Run Champion Katana

2nd Run Katana Unsheathed!

The 2nd Run Champion Katanas will be released from Hero Disc USA at 12PM PDT on 11-27-09 (Black Friday)
Innova produced a second run of limited Champion Katana. This run was made with a mixture of the original (FIRMER) FIRST RUN CHAMPION KATANA PLASTIC and the TEST RUN (GUMMY) MATERIAL PLASTIC offered by Disc Golf Values. Innova is now experimenting with different grades of plastic. Sweet feel and enhanced grip were key results with this latest run.
Complete your Japan Open Champion Katana collection with “ Lady Samurai”. The discs are also marked with the Japanese Kanji “Katana”. Strike with honor and feel the power of the Champion Katana.
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