Wednesday, 17 January 2018
2010 Course Map

Download the 2010 Course Map

This year we have made a few changes to the Japan Open Format to allow the event to accommodate additional players. First, two separate 18 hole courses have been designed at the Nasu Highland Golf Club. The Upper Course (red) will be approximately 8,015 ft (2,443m) and The Lower Course (blue) appx 7,703 ft (2,348m). All competitors will play two rounds on each course comprising of (36) holes on Thursday June 10th and (36) holes on Friday June 11th. Pools will be shuffled following Round 4. New this year, all players will play an 18 hole semi-final round on Saturday June 12th. The top four men and top four women (after ties are broken) will then play in the Final 9.
The highest rated Male players will be seeded into Pool A. The Open Women and all remaining players will be seeded into Pool B. Pools will be shuffled after Round 4. The purpose of seeding is to ensure fairness should weather issues arise during Rounds 1 through 4. 'TSUYU' or Raining Season occurs in June at Nasu Highlands.