Wednesday, 17 January 2018
Jeremy Cranney: The 2014 winner of “The Luckiest Disc Golfer in the World” title

Jeremy Cranney of Sacramento, California just found out that he is going to Japan to play in the Japan Open. For most disc golfers this would be a dream come true. For Jeremy, it's still too mind-blowing to even be real. At least that's the way he feels now.

Jeremy won the grand prize in a contest put on by Hero Disc USA and will be attending this year's Japan Open on us. He won by purchasing over 50 Novas and 50 Atlases from the Hero Disc USA website and with each purchase he was entered to win the grand prize. This sizable purchase gave him a statistical advantage in the drawing and it paid off. But Jeremy says that wasn't his intention at all. "I didn't think about the prize - or winning it. I'm just an avid disc collector and I have quite the impressive collection of Atlases. I think I have over 250 of them. I have them stacked up all over my house. I just went on the site to buy some discs for my collection."

Jeremy was drawn randomly from the eligible entries using which utilizes atmospheric noise to generate a truely random number which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.

Making this story more impressive is that this is the first contest or prize Jeremy has ever won in his entire life. So when Hero Disc Golf reached out to him to tell him he had won, he couldn't believe it. The grand prize in the contest was free round-trip airfare and entry into The 2014 Japan Open. Jeremy says he was shocked. “I have never won anything before and I have only ever been out of the United States on one other occasion to go to Mexico. I really haven’t traveled that much at all. I’ve only been to Idaho, Washington, California and Nevada so this will be the farthest I’ve ever even traveled. Ever. This is all so unbelievable."

The first thing Jeremy said he had to do when he confirmed "that this was all real" was to ask his wife for permission. He says she was all for it. They both agreed this would be an opportunity of a lifetime and he shouldn't pass it up.

The second thing he had to do was apply for a passport. The US Department of State will have to expedite his passport request to make sure he will have it in time for the trip.

The 907 rated Cranney has only been playing disc golf for a few years and has only been in one PDGA tournament. He considers himself a "lower half of the field Advanced player." Because of his limited experience he doesn't feel he has any real chance at winning the Japan Open but says if he can win the grand prize drawing then anything is possible.

Jeremy confessed that he never thrown 150 class discs but says that he is going to spend the next few weeks leading up to the event learning how to throw it. “My home course is also a former ball golf course so that will help me practice for Japan. I plan on getting out with the new plastic and seeing how it goes,” Said Jeremy.

Jeremy says he is looking forward to playing with the biggest names in the sport and says that he will probably spend most of his time in Japan taking photos. He is a professional photographer when he isn’t collecting discs or winning trips of a lifetime.

We will be following Jeremy on his journey to Japan. Stay tuned!

-Das Loomis