Thursday, 22 February 2018
Japan Open Disc Golf Championship
The Japan Open: Final Thoughts

The events of the 2014 Japan Open are now completed. The joy and laughter created by the players and guests, which echoed up and down the slopes of Mt. Nasu over the past few weeks is gone. For the honored guests who were kind enough to attend this year’s event, we hope you made it home safely and that as you readjust back to normal you keep a place in your heart for all the memories you were a part of there.

2014 Japan Open Champions Crowned

The final day of competition would be a fight for the top four spots. As the round began, nine competitors in the Men’s Open Division had a shot at the title. Sitting on top was Ricky Wysocki with a two-stroke lead over Nikko Locastro and Paul McBeth. Simon Lizotte was just one stroke back and tied with Dave Feldberg. Each one of these men knew that they were one or two mistakes away from allowing Ken Climo, Nate Doss or Steve Brinster their spot in the final nine.

Championship Saturday action is on - here's how to follow

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here! Both the MPO and FPO lead groups are on the course for the 5th round of Japan Open 2014. Check out the instructions on how to follow the event below!

Round 4 wrap-up: The competition is heating up!

The cold, heavy rain appeared endless to the weather-beaten competitors sitting inside the warm, dry clubhouse eating their lunch. It was a tough decision to put back on the cold, wet clothes and go back out into the weather for three more hours of discomfort. A few players opted to hang it up early and spend the rest of their time in Japan in a warm, dry place. Disc golf is a passion, but when it crosses the furthest threshold of discomfort, it doesn’t matter where you are or what the circumstances are, you just have to say “enough.”

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